Bianca & Brodie | The Plan B Proposal

In the digital age, love stories often begin with a swipe right, and for Brodie and Bianca, it was no different. Brodie took a chance online, and little did he know that this leap of faith would lead him to the love of his life. The journey began with persistence and blossomed into a beautiful relationship, with defining moments that made them both realize they had found "the one."  It was a privilege to be apart of  the engagement of Bianca and Brodie, and here, we present a beautiful recount of their fated love story and unexpected proposal: 

How did you and Brodie meet, what defining moments in your relationship made you realise that they were the one? 

Brodie: I took a chance online, and it ended up being one of the best chances I had ever taken. I was persistent and ended up with the girl of my dreams. I knew she was the one early on in our relationship, It was the way she looked at me that made realise.

What traits do you both appreciate most in each other? 

Brodie: I appreciate the way she dances around the house like no one is watching, she’s smart and funny and lets me be me.

Bianca: I appreciate the way he makes me feel safe and protected, he grounds me when needed, he lets me blossom and he loves me for me.

We've heard it before but tell us again about your Bali proposal that Brodie planned! 

Bianca: Well it didn’t go exactly as planned but no fault of our own, we were in bali on holiday, Picture: Romantic dinner, overlooking the Ubud rainforest, candle lit, roses… Instead I unknowingly cancelled my own proposal dinner due to sickness 

Brodie: “It's now or never” I got down on one knee, I asked Bianca if she would do me the honour of becoming my wife, what a nervous, excited, rush of emotions thats was! It was perfect for us and at lease we can laugh about it now.

We love how much thought and effort Brodie went into designing your gorgeous engagement ring, tell us about your experience with The Classic Jewellers and any tips you have for couples searching for their engagement rings? 

Brodie: I went everywhere! I could not find what i was looking for, no one had the perfect ring. When I found the classic jewellers everything changed, I felt comfortable, welcomed and heard. I planned and designed every last detail of the ring, even down to engravings on the inside. 10/10 They did an amazing job and the quality is divine.

What are you both looking forward to in your new chapter together? 

Bianca: looking forward to walking the same path, success and happiness for many years to come.

Brodie: looking forward to many loved and cherished memories with my wife, and family one day. 



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