This page outlines the terms and conditions for all repair works left with The Classic Jewellers. 

Terms and Conditions: In order for the jeweller to proceed with the requested work, the customer hereby acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions:

1.0 Quotes and Payment: All quotes are provided to the best of the Jeweller’s ability based on their inspection of the item(s). The jeweller may request for a deposit or full payment of certain jobs if deemed appropriate. Full payment must be received prior to the collection of the item (s). Should there be changes to the initial quote or scope of work, the jeweller will notify the customer and obtain verbal or written confirmation prior to proceeding with the changes. 
2.0 Ownership and Description of Items: Work Requested by Customer: The customer has specifically requested the jeweler to carry out the work as described above on the items of jewelry provided by the customer.

2.1 Description: The customer acknowledges that the description of the items is solely provided by the customer and they have the ownership right to proceed with the repairs and modifications to the jewellery item (s).

2.2 Certification of Gems: The jeweler is not obligated to identify or certify the nature, quality, or value of the jewelry item(s) submitted by the customer, including any gem(s) contained within.

2.3 Gem Enhancement and Treatment: Unless specifically stated above, to the best of the customer's knowledge, the gem(s) in the submitted item(s) have not undergone any enhancement process or treatment.

2.4 Jeweler's Liability: Except as provided by law, including the statutory warranty provisions of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, the jeweller shall not be held liable for:

2.4.1 Any damage to the gem(s) if such damage occurs due to the instability caused by an enhancement process or treatment, or
2.4.2  Any damage to the jewelry item(s), unless the jeweler is proven to be negligent.

3.0 Completion Timeframe: The jeweler will make every effort to complete the work by the agreed-upon due date. However, the customer is requested to kindly consider any delays that may occur beyond our control

4.0 Collection of Repairs: Upon completion of the repair, the customer may retrieve their item(s) by presenting the original receipt. The original receipt must be presented to redeem any item(s) that were left in our care. All goods must be collected within three months from the date of completion, failure to collect the item or provide a valid reason to do so will result in statutory disposal procedures by The Classic Jewellers. 

5.0 Notification: If the customer has provided a mobile phone number for contact purposes, an SMS message will be sent to notify them of the completion of their job. Should the customer experience changes to their contact details, it is their responsibility to notify The Classic Jewellers of the changes. 

6.0 Owner's Responsibility: While utmost care will be taken, goods accepted for repair and/or valuation are at the owner's risk and should be insured by the owner.

We sincerely thank you for entrusting us with your precious jewelry.

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