Bespoke Custom Order Terms and Conditions

  1. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By placing a custom made order with The Classic Jewellers, you acknowledge and agree to abide by the following terms and conditions outlined below.

  2. Custom Made Orders Definition: Custom made orders refer to any fine jewellery or diamond jewellery piece that is specially crafted, designed, or altered based on the customer's specific requirements and preferences.

2.2 Design and Specifications: The Classic Jewellers will work closely with you to finalise the design, specifications, materials, gemstones, and any other relevant details of the item(s). Please ensure that all design elements are agreed upon before proceeding with the order. CAD specified orders will receive a complimentary CAD(computer aided design) of the item(s) upon receipt of the deposit, it is the customer's responsibility to confirm acceptance of the CAD and amend changes to the design during this process. Any drastic changes to the original design and order will incur additional costs, this will be determined by The Classic Jewellers and communicated to the customer. Drastic changes are defined as: changing the diamond's specifications (carrat,colour,clarity,cut), the gemstone's specifications (carrat,colour,clarity,cut) and any modifications that require a new CAD to be drawn when modifications to existing to design is not possible. 

2.3 Deposits: A non-refundable deposit will be required upon confirmation of the custom made order. The deposit amount will be determined based on the total cost of the order. 

2.5 Order Confirmation: Once the deposit has been received, the receipt acts as the order confirmation. This must be retained and presented upon collection.

3.0 Production and Collection: 

3.1 Production Timeframe: The production time for custom made orders will vary depending on the complexity of the design, availability of materials, and the workload of our artisans. An estimated production timeframe will be provided to you upon order confirmation. Please note that unforeseen circumstances may affect the production timeline, and we will keep you informed of any delays.

3.2 Collection: The Classic Jewellers will notify the customer using their preferred method of notification once the item(s) is ready for collection. It is the customer's responsibility to ensure they update their contact details should any changes occur. 

3.3 Quality Assurance: We strive to ensure the highest quality craftsmanship in every custom made order. The Classic Jewellers will perform a thorough quality check before delivering the final product to you. However, minor variations may occur due to the nature of handmade jewellery.

4.0 Payment and Cancellation
4.1 Final Payment: The remaining balance of the custom made order must be paid in full before goods can be collected. 

4.2 Cancellation Policy: Once the order confirmation is signed, cancellation requests are not permissible. Any deposit paid will be forfeited to cover the costs incurred by The Classic Jewellers.

4.3 Uncollected goods: All item (s) must be collected within 3 months of completion unless otherwise agreed to with The Classic Jewellers. Failure to collect goods or provide a valid reason will result in the item(s) being disposed of at The Classic Jeweller's discretion. 

5.0 Returns and Exchanges
5.1 Non-Refundable: Custom made orders are non-refundable and non-exchangeable unless there is a manufacturing defect. In such cases, please notify us within 7 days of receiving the order, and we will work to resolve the issue.

5.2 Manufacturing Defects: If a manufacturing defect is identified, The Classic Jewellers will repair or replace the item at our discretion. Please note that normal wear and tear, mishandling, and damage caused by third parties are not considered manufacturing defects.

6.0 Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

6.1 Design Ownership: The Classic Jewellers retains the ownership of the design and intellectual property rights associated with the custom made order, including any original designs, sketches, or digital renderings.

By proceeding with a custom made order, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to the above terms and conditions. Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.








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