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Bridget and Josh | The Invisible String Theory

As aficionados of romance and captivating moments, we've had the privilege of observing countless exquisite love narratives. Yet, on occasion, a couple graces our path whose affection and connection exude an extraordinary allure, leaving an everlasting impact on all they encounter. It was a privilege to commemorate the engagement of Bridget and Josh, and here, we present a delightful recount of their fated love story and surprise proposal: 
How did you and Josh meet, what defining moments in your relationship made you realise that they were the one?
Bridget: Josh and I actually met in Darwin, through friends. I am originally from Melbourne and I moved to Darwin to experience teaching in a different environment, whereas Josh is from Adelaide and he moved to Darwin through a promotion with his work. Josh played footy with one of my girlfriends partners and we met through that friendship circle! I think we realised pretty early on that we had found the perfect match as we felt so comfortable around each other. We started spending every night together from about 1 month of dating and moved in together after 6 months of dating, and have been together ever since!
Aw that was so sweet, we can't help but think of the invisible string theory that connected you and Josh! How coincidental that you were both from different cities and crossed paths in Darwin. We've heard it in person but tell us again about your incredible proposal and the sweet photoshoot that Josh planned!
Bridget: Josh had planned this photoshoot for us a couple and I had no idea it was a surprise engagement shoot! We had an early family Christmas get together on that day and he said it was a photoshoot of us together as a Christmas present for his mum down at Semaphore Beach, near our house. I believed his excuse and was actually a bit grumpy about it because it was at 7.30am on Saturday morning! When the photoshoot started I thought wow this is very romantic, then he got down on one knee and proposed! The photographer got some amazing photos of our reactions.
We love how much thought and effort Josh went into designing your gorgeous engagement ring, tell us about your experience with The Classic Jewellers and any tips you have for couples searching for their engagement rings? 
Josh: My experience with The Classic Jewellers was really enjoyable. Initially I went to a jeweller in my local area and once they realised I didn’t know anything about diamonds they didn’t really want to know me. When I came into TCJ I had an appointment with Jess who explained everything and answered all my questions with ease. When we were designing the ring Jess was great, she didn’t hesitate to grab rings and styles from all the cabinets so I could see what each detail would look like on the ring. Once finished and ordered TCJ communication was great, everything from getting the CAD drawing to the ring being ready was done in the time frame provided and I had a stress free experience (until the photo shoot).
You mentioned that you're both heading to New York soon, what else are you both looking forward to in your new chapter together?
Yes we are off to America, including New York, for 4 weeks! We are so excited to soak in the time together as fiancés and enjoy our trip. When we get back we will be spending time together with our spoilt golden retriever, Kevin, and getting back into routine. And wedding planning now I guess! 



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