Jacqui and James | From Classmates to Fiancés

As purveyors of love and heart stopping moments, we have had the pleasure of witnessing countless beautiful love stories over the years. However, every so often, a couple comes along whose love and connection simply radiate, leaving an indelible impression on everyone they encounter. This month, we had the honor of celebrating the engagement of Jacqui and James, whose love story is nothing short of magical.

We had the opportunity to catch up with Jacqui after the proposal. Her words left us feeling inspired and reaffirmed our belief in the enduring power of love. Here is what Jacqui and James had to say:

Take us back to the start, how did you both first meet?

Our love story began all the way back to 2012 during our final year of high school. We’ve known each other since year 8, but being in different friend groups, we didn’t start talking until the last day of year 11. This initiated conversation which continued over Facebook and lasted throughout the entire summer holidays. We spoke back and forth almost every night during the 6 week break before making our relationship ‘Facebook official’ shortly after school commenced for the year.

We had an unconventional beginning but a few years after high school our paths entwined once more and we have been inseparable ever since.

That sounds like love at first sight, so sweet how you are both highschool sweethearts! Tell us what values & qualities do you appreciate about one another?

Jacqui: “I have always loved James's incredibly fun personality & witty sense of humour. He's everything I admire: sporty, coordinated, quick-witted, extroverted and spontaneous.”

James: “I love Jacqui’s attention to the finer details, how gentle and kind she is, and most of all her creativity. She also has a wicked sense of humour that can land both of us in hot water.”

You both sound like you're a match made in heaven and we have no doubts that you complete each other. What defining moments in your relationship made you realise that you've found the one?

Jacqui: “Perhaps it was love at first sight because from the moment we started talking I was immediately drawn to him. We clicked straight away and I knew I wouldn’t find anyone else like him.”

James: “I realised very early in the piece that she was the one. Whenever we weren’t together she was all I could think about. I knew for a while that it was time to put a ring on that forever friend’s finger!”

It was a pleasure working with you to create Jacqui's gorgeous ring. Tell us about the meaning behind it and the bespoke process with The Classic Jewellers?

James: I wanted Jacqui’s ring to match the other pieces I had gifted her in the past, however, it was important to me that the ring was the main attraction. The combination of white gold and diamond suits Jacqui’s complexion and her gentle hands perfectly. The aquamarine halo not only suits her eyes, but is also her birthstone. Finally, the choice of a natural diamond that would have taken years to form I like to think is a reflection of our relationship: solid, long-lasting and beautiful.

The Classic Jewellers were able to help me through the clarity, cut and carat process. They were very quick at producing CAD designs of the ring. Once this process had been finalised, they got straight to work and created the most perfect ring.

We love how much thought and effort James put into creating your ring, what tips do you both have have for couples looking to purchase an engagement ring?

Jacqui: “Throw together a Pinterest board & don't be afraid to send it to your man!”

James: “Do your research and take your time. Ensure the design is right and there is meaning behind it. The Classic Jewellers helped me through the design process and together we created a custom ring that reflects my relationship with Jacqui. Once you have the ring sorted, make sure you know how to give your partner that 'wow' moment. Are they a loud and proud public person? Or like in my case a sensitive and gentle introvert that cherishes those small intimate moments? Personalise it and make it a moment to remember.”

Tell us about the proposal: what were the highlights for the both of you and a favourite memory from the day you'll both cherish for the rest of your lives?

Jacqui: “It was already a highly anticipated day for the both of us. What started as the day we finally received the keys to our first home, was the day of our proposal. As I walked into our living room for the first time, to my surprise, the entire room was scattered with tea light candles, fresh rose petals from our local florist and the table was set with dinner and a couple glasses of 2012 Pinot Noir. It was a massive shock because I was under the impression he only just received the keys and this was his first walk through our house, too! He bent down to one knee and presented a beautiful ring and finally asked the question I was waiting to hear for so long. He obviously put a lot of thought into this - James went to incredible lengths to create a cosy & romantic atmosphere.”

James: “Jacqui brought along her mum’s old video camera to capture the first moments of us moving into our home. The mixture of excitement, nervousness and suspense was quickly building as we drove to the house knowing what was about to unfold. I felt uneasy as Jacqui opened each door in the house, keeping the living area until the very end. As she entered the room, the entire space was covered in rose petals, with candles scattered about, a warm fire and dinner on the table. The words “what the f***?!” flying out of Jacqui’s mouth as she stepped through the doorway will always be a fond memory.”

That made us tear up! We love the small details like the 2012 Pinot Noir that is nostalgic of the year you met. Tell us about the next chapter, what are you both looking forward to next?

Once we have settled into our new home, we have plans to travel to the UK to visit family. When we’re back in Australia, we would like to welcome a fur baby into our home and finally begin wedding planning. 

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