Kate & Sam | Enchanting road trip to the Great Ocean Road

As connoisseurs of romance and enchanting moments, we've been fortunate to witness countless breath-taking love stories. Yet, every so often, a couple crosses our path whose love and connection radiate an exceptional charm, leaving an indelible mark on all who encounter them. It was an absolute honour to celebrate the engagement of Kate and Sam, and we are thrilled to share the enchanting tale of their love story and the magical proposal at Hopetoun Falls: 

How did you both meet, and what defining moments in your relationship made you realize that they were the one?
Sam: Kate and I first met in 2014 through mutual friends. We instantly hit it off, but it was during the few months we spent apart in 2015, traveling separately, that I truly realised she was the one for me. When I picked her up from the airport after being apart for so long, I knew in that moment that we were meant to be together.
Kate: Sam's right, those months apart really solidified our connection. But for me, it was his unwavering support and love over the months and years to come, especially during the tough times, that made me realise he was the one I wanted to spend my life with.
What traits do you both appreciate most in each other?
Sam: I adore Kate's passion for education and her incredibly supportive nature with our children. She has this innate ability to help them grow and develop into amazing young women.
Kate: Sam's honesty and his endless love for me and our girls are what I appreciate the most. He's not just my fiance; he's my best friend in life.
Tell us about your romantic proposal that Sam so thoughtfully planned and the amazing family road trip you took!
Sam: I proposed to Kate in September 2023 at Hopetoun Falls on the Great Ocean Road. I had arranged for a photographer to capture the moment under the guise of a family photoshoot. I was so nervous all morning - at one stage I slipped on the rocks and thought I'd landed straight on the ring in my pocket... I don't think my heart rate has ever been so high! Having our young girls part of that moment was incredible, and seeing the look on Kate's face when I showed her the ring was second to none. It was a magical moment that I'll never forget.
Kate: It was such a surprise! I thought we were just there for family photos, but when Sam got down on one knee, I was completely blown away. It was the perfect proposal in a beautiful setting.
Sam, tell us about your custom design experience with The Classic Jewellers and any tips you have for couples searching for their engagement rings?
Sam: Working with Classic Jewellers on Kate's ring was an incredible experience. I'm not a jewellery guy, and I had no idea what to expect from the process. I spent many many months collaborating with them to create a design that was unique to Kate and her style. I came to them with an idea in mind and they were incredibly accommodating and offered relevant and meaningful advice, without ever taking away from the design I had in mind. I had spent weeks visiting jewellers in Adelaide at that point, and it was The Classic Jewellers that gave me confidence in their process almost immediately. My tip for couples searching for their engagement rings is to take your time and really think about what speaks to your partner's individual style and personality (... or raid their ring box - it might give you some ideas!!).
What are you both looking forward to in your new chapter together?
We're excited to embark on our next chapter together, which includes our destination wedding that we hope will create lasting memories for our family and friends. Our girls will both be old enough to be a part of the day and have lasting memories of the adventure, which is everything to us. We've been raising our young humans in an environment filled with love and growth, and can't wait to continue that journey now as Husband and Wife. 
Image courtesy of photographer: Nick (@weddingswithnick on Instagram) 



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