Rosa and Nino | Forever Begins at Dolphin Bay

As purveyors of love and heart stopping moments, we have had the pleasure of witnessing countless beautiful love stories over the years. However, every so often, a couple comes along whose love and connection simply radiate, leaving an indelible impression on everyone they encounter. We had the honor of celebrating the engagement of Rosa and Nino, here is a recap of their love story and proposal: 

Take us back to day one, how did your paths cross? 

ROSA: Our story began with an online encounter, our paths aligning in the digital realm. Two months of conversations led to our first date on October 22, 2022. It was on the very next day, the 23rd, that Nino asked me to be his girlfriend. Without hesitation, I agreed, though I couldn't help but jest, "You move fast," to which he replied, "When you know, you know."

The certainty of our future together dawned as we discussed our aspirations, realizing our desires were perfectly in sync. The decision to commit to each other was effortless; it felt natural, almost inevitable. Our bond, fueled by shared humor and a genuine delight in each other's presence, solidified our certainty about spending eternity side by side.

What defining moments in your relationship made you realise that you had found the one?

ROSA: Choosing Nino as the man I'll spend forever with was a straightforward decision. His presence fills me with an indescribable joy and an overwhelming sense of security. His heart is incredible, and his humor is just one facet of his many amazing qualities. Calling him my fiancé, partner, and the love of my life fills me with gratitude every day.

NINO: Rosa's smile captured my heart swiftly. It's her mischievous grin, her infectious laughter, coupled with her compassionate and nurturing nature that drew me in. These traits are just a glimpse of why I'm eager to commit to a lifetime with her. I'm excited about the countless memories we'll create together.

Tell us about the proposal, what highlights will you treasure for the rest of your lives?

ROSA: Nino's proposal unfolded on the secluded shores of Dolphin Bay, my favourite beach, a lesser-known gem nestled along the Yorke Peninsula near Marion Bay. October 1, 2023, graced us with impeccable weather. Following a leisurely swim, Nino directed my attention towards something in the distance. As I turned back, there he was, poised on one knee. It was the epitome of my dream proposal. His words echoed with sincerity, "Rosa, I'm turning your dreams into reality right now, and I want to continue doing that for the rest of our lives." My elation knew no bounds. Amidst tears and heartfelt embraces, I said yes, unable to articulate the sheer happiness I felt in that moment.

Aw that made our hearts smile, congratulations again on your proposal! It was lovely working with you and Nino on your dream custom design ring with The Classic Jewellers, tell us all about it!

ROSA: In my quest for the perfect ring, the allure of the oval design with its discreet halo has captivated me for years. I've amassed countless screenshots, a digital catalog of this cherished style. Extensive research became my ally, supplemented by invaluable insights from family, especially regarding the diverse facets of diamond quality.

Our search spanned weeks, traversing various establishments until the moment we stumbled upon The Classic Jewellers. Instantly, a sense of assurance washed over me. Their expertise mirrored our vision for both our rings, guiding us with expertise and fostering a comforting atmosphere. To any soon-to-be-engaged individuals, thorough research is paramount. The nuances of diamond qualities and accompanying elements might initially seem daunting. However, our experience was transformed by the invaluable guidance of The Classic Jewellers' team, who adeptly illuminated the entire process, providing invaluable clarity and support.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us, what do you both have in store for your next chapter together?

As we look ahead, our focus is on laying the foundation for our dreams. We're in the midst of crafting our dream home and meticulously planning our upcoming wedding. Anticipation fills us as we eagerly await the creation of countless cherished memories, envisioning a future where we'll build a family together, and perhaps indulge in some travel adventures.


Working with Nino and Rosa to turn their dream rings for the proposal was an absolute delight. Learning of Rosa's affirmative response to her bespoke engagement ring brings us immense joy. We extend our heartfelt blessings as they embark on this new, shared chapter of their lives.

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