Katie and Richard | United by the shores

As purveyors of love and heart stopping moments, we have had the pleasure of witnessing countless beautiful love stories over the years. However, every so often, a couple comes along whose love and connection simply radiate, leaving an indelible impression on everyone they encounter. This month, we had the honor of celebrating the engagement of Katie and Richard. 

We had the opportunity to catch up with Katie after the proposal. Her words left us filled with love and reaffirmed our belief in the enduring power of love. Here is what she had to say:

Take us back to day one, how did you both meet?

We crossed paths initially on Tinder, a modern twist of fate, but our true introduction unfolded serendipitously along the shoreline. As we both live in the same area, chance led us to coincidentally walk our dogs on the same beach at the same time, where our eyes met for the first time. Within a mere month of spending time together, a realization dawned upon us - we had stumbled upon our destined match. Aligned in our desires and aspirations, it became undeniably clear that we had found 'the one'.

Tell us about the proposal!

Richard chose our daughter's bedroom as the backdrop for his proposal, an intimate setting that unexpectedly captured the entire moment on the baby monitor's camera. Engaging our daughter in this heartfelt occasion made it exceptionally meaningful. It was at home, in a space we love with the most important person in our lives with us.

Your bespoke custom made engagement ring is a show stopper. What tips do you have for couples looking to purchase an engagement ring?

To gather inspiration, delve into the trove of Pinterest for ideas that resonate with your preferences. Dropping subtle hints to your partner is key, as they might not intuitively discern your desires – communication is key, after all!

As for the upcoming chapter, what lies ahead for both of you?

Our sights are set on the eagerly anticipated wedding, followed by the hopeful prospect of expanding our family. Envisioning another addition to accompany our two-year-old with a sibling holds a special place in our future aspirations.

It was a pleasure working with Richard to bring his and Katie's dream ring to life for the proposal. We're thrilled to hear that Katie said yes to her custom designed engagement ring and send them our blessings for this new chapter of their lives together. 

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