Demystifying the myths - what is diamond fluorescence?

As you venture into the world of fine jewellery, you might have come across the term "Fluorescence" on Diamond's Certificate or Grading Report. If you're curious about this intriguing aspect of diamonds, you've come to the right place. We're here to shed light on the magic of diamond fluorescence and how it adds a touch of allure to your prized gem. Let's embark on an educational journey that will leave you dazzled.

What is Diamond Fluorescence?

In simple terms, diamond fluorescence is the captivating effect that ultraviolet (UV) light has on a diamond. Picture this: You stand under a blue or UV light, and suddenly your whites appear brighter, and your teeth seem to glow. Well, diamonds share in this enchanting phenomenon when exposed to UV rays. Fluorescence is the visible light emitted by a diamond in response to these UV rays.

Cracking the Code on a Diamond's Certificate 

When you explore a Diamond Certificate, "fluorescence" indicates the strength or intensity of a diamond's reaction to long-wave UV – an essential component found in daylight. It's like your diamond's secret glow party that lasts as long as it's basking in the ultraviolet source. Get ready to unlock the hidden secrets of fluorescence that elevate your diamond's allure to new heights.

Unveiling the Commonality of Fluorescence

In the world of diamonds, fluorescence is quite common, with approximately 25% to 35% of diamonds submitted to GIA (Gemmological Institute of America) exhibiting some degree of fluorescence. But here's the intriguing part – only around 10% of those diamonds have fluorescence strengths that might affect their appearance. Prepare to be wowed by the artful interplay of colors.

The Marvel of Blue Fluorescence

Brace yourselves, because in more than 95% of fluorescent diamonds, the visible colour emitted is BLUE. Blue is the perfect complement to the most common tint in diamonds – yellow. This cosmic dance of colours makes yellowish diamonds appear brilliantly white or even colourless. It's like your diamond's very own colour magic show.

Fluorescence's Enigmatic Impact on Diamond Appearance

Extensive studies by GIA have revealed a fascinating fact – for the vast majority of diamonds, fluorescence has little noticeable effect on their appearance. In their Fluorescence Study, GIA found that even the most discerning eyes couldn't tell the difference between a diamond with fluorescence and one without. Believe it or not, some connoisseurs even prefer the captivating appearance of diamonds with medium to strong fluorescence. It's all about embracing your individual style.

The Impeccable Integrity of Fluorescent Diamonds

Rest assured, diamonds that fluoresce maintain their structural integrity with unwavering grace. Whether your diamond dazzles with fluorescence or remains serene without any reaction to UV, its robustness remains intact. Fluorescence simply arises from microscopic changes in the diamond's structure, which in no way compromises its brilliance or value.

Your Signature Choice: The Beauty of Individual Taste

When choosing a diamond with fluorescence, remember it's all about your personal style and what resonates with your unique taste. Just like curating your wardrobe, selecting the perfect diamond reflects your individuality and passion for artistry. Embrace the power of your preferences and create a stunning masterpiece that speaks to your soul.

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Article written with sources obtained from GIA (Gemmological Institute of America). 



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